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Joanna Denise Fowler was born September 17, 1975, the third daughter to Frank and Judy Fowler. In Joanna's own words:
Jamie and I met through your daughter Cindy. I was a kind chauffeur. She wanted to come to Fosston to see Johnny Ehlers. I came along to bring her. We had a lot of fun playing basketball and football with the guys. They went their separate ways and I married Jamie. God had his plans.

Jamie was born in Crookston, MN. He went to school primarily in Fosston. He did move all over the countryside growing up as his father was in the Army reserve for 20 years and that brought him to many places. One of the places closest to Jamie's heart is Alaska. He would love to live there but it's way too far away from my family for me. We do plan to visit someday soon. Jamie graduated from Fosston High School and went on to get a broadcasting degree at Thief River Technical College. He is an announcer and Music director/Program director of KKCQ/Q107 in Fosston.

I have been employed at Palubicki's for about 8 years. I am the front end manager there. I am the scanning coordinator/computer programming. We have a large store for a small town. We serve quite a large area. If you're in Fosston stop in and check it out. We also have a nice Deli. I enjoy my job. I do enjoy the computer and mathematical end of things. I am working part time now at 4 days a week. We'll see how much I decide to work after the baby comes. We have a new addition due the end of May.

We now have three children. Alyssa Gabriella was born June 6th 1994. She is very much like her mother - a little mother hen. She is quite the baby-sitter already for Jackson. She is very excited to have a new baby to help with. She does tend to get a wee bit too bossy as I'm sure my siblings remember me doing. She is loving the fourth grade. She loves her math and science the most. She's my creative person. She likes anything to research. She is fascinated by the solar system and the plants and animals. It's fun to see how much she is growing up. She is very expressive in her reading. She plans to narrate a play soon for Church. She's excited about that. It's right up her alley.

Katrin Elise was born March 1st 1997. She's my little blondey. She is very much a Daddy's girl but is starting to be a little closer to her Mommy. Katrin is really a very quick witted little one. She explains things to Alyssa often and she is 3 years younger. She is very independent and is certain she knows best. She is very observant and is usually right. She's very careful with what she says and doesn't jump to conclusions. She wants to be sure of herself before sticking her neck out. She is also very considerate and caring for others. I hope she stays so sweet.

Jackson David was born April 19th 2000. He is really growing up fast. He is quite the character. He is also a very sharp quick witted little boy. He has his Daddy's humor and cracks me up all the time. Jamie says I'm too serious so it must be a good thing. He recently made up his own joke. “What does the sun say to the moon?.... Let's hang out.” He loves making me smile and is full of many hugs and charming sayings. I hope he never stops telling me how pretty I am. Jack is very excited about a new baby and finally agreed that he will be a very good big brother to a baby sister but it sure would be great to have a brother. He is certain it is a boy.

I must admit we live a very busy but wonderfully happy life. Thank you Lord for the many blessings you have given us.


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Jamie and Joanna Nesvold Family

Children of Jamie and Joanna Nesvold

Alyssa Gabriella b. June 6, 1994
Katrin Elise born March 1, 1997
Jackson David born April 19, 2000
Jalyn born 6-01-2004

Pictures of Jamie and Jo Nesvold Family

So-Called "Mystery Picture"; Jo as a baby
The Kids at a Well at The Alamo
Jamie, Jo, and Jack at Ame's Wedding
Here's the whole family at the Reunion at PV in 2000

Jamie and Joanna Nesvold Family Photo Album